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Albatross Magazine 1967

My thanks to Judith Hanson for these scans of the Albatross Magazine produced by Seletar Secondary Modern School, Singapore in 1967.

My Word by Headmaster, Mr F. Hodgson

Articles by Karen Chivers, Angela Lewis and Viviene Shaw.

Cameron Highland Jungle Expedition by Graham Oxley.

Article by Lesley Goody.

Articles by Anne Gardner and John Hutchins.

Articles by Gwen Bentley and Laura Gibb.

Articles by David Cocks and Ron Hodge

Robert Rimmer.

Susan Goggins.

Leslie Reidie.

Lynne Smith and Denise Burns.

Gillian Coates.

Peter White.

Lynne Smith.

Mr G. E. Ingleby.

Philippa Chalkley.

Stephen McCreery.

Leslie Reidie.

Elaine Ferrigan.

A Walton.

M. Sanders and Robin Rickarby.

Lorraine Grivell.

Anne Tompkins, M. Valentine and S. Lincoln.

Deborah Speller.

Angela Lewis, Royston Marsh and Diane Johns.

Stephen Lee and Mary Horton.

The Final Word by Mr. V. Bailey and Mr. S. J. Clarke.