A New Singapore Schools – Spring 2022 Reunion Saturday March 26 th So much has changed since then for all of us brats. Hopefully now we would seem to be coming out the worst of the pandemic and can now start working towards a brighter future for all. So this invitation will be more succinct and to the point. Half yearly reunion SATURDAY 26th March 2020 at the Chandos Public House, Trafalgar Square, LONDON. We plan to meet at a pub in London on Saturday 26 th March from about Noon where we will again commandeer the comfy seats upstairs. The pub is called the Chandos and it’s in St Martin’s Lane to the northeast corner (top right) of Trafalgar Square between the National Gallery and the Post Office and near the Royal Opera House (nearest Tubes Charing Cross & Leicester Square). If you’re not sure you’ll be recognised, stick a post-it note on your forehead or a luggage label in your buttonhole. For many people this will be their first excursion away from their area for some time and may need reassurance. Unfortunately reassurance is something your organisers can’t guarantee, however we can make some suggestions which may benefit our friends. 1. This reunion is to continue where we left off sharing memories of our youthful lives. If you wish to discuss your vaccination thoughts or beliefs you may find yourself talking to the wall. 2. If you have a full house of vaccinations on your NHS App you might be asked to show it. Not necessarily by the organisers but quite possibly by the person you want to chat with to help each other to decide if it’s a conversation they want to continue. If you have a mask please wear it until you’ve both agreed to remove it. If you’re not sure if you’ll be recognised with your mask on stick your photograph on your forehead. If you have a smile, share it. 3. If Government rules change let Boris know. If your railway, bus, tube or plane has rules, don’t see it as a challenge but as a rule. 4. If the Chandos has rules........ ditto. 5. Running your own Lateral Flow Test before you leave home and bringing it with you is strongly advised and may save later embarrassment. 6. I’m not sure what the uptake or availability may be for a meal or any other entertainment but if you are invited to join such an event please only confirm if it’s a definite YES for you. If you change your mind please let the event organiser know so we can monitor numbers more accurately than we have done before. Looking forward to seeing you all at Chandos if you can make it. And, remember, if this one goes well we might also do it again in the autumn. Yam Sing.