Available in regions:
Preferred locations:
Primarily north east England. But open to other areas, too.
Available from:
September 2014 am open to offers & travels.
Current bookings:
Free for limited bookings due to part time carework contracts.
I am a single lad, am down to earth, easy going. I have house & pet sat as well as dog walked for many years on a voluntary basis or for friends for a small fee. My main job during my career has been in the learning disabilities & children leisure & residential care side. With my work I often stay overnight as well as helping to run the homes, including looking after resident pets, too. I love animals & being out & about, travelling in the UK & Eire, so I feel this is where I'd like to be as a paid vocation & passion after 28 years in the care business.Though I am based in north east England & am happiest to do my work from there presently I am open to working or settling anywhere about the British Isles & Ireland as I enjoy adventuring to meet new people, animals & places.. So, do drop me a line if you feel I could help..or spread the word to others... (: Let the new ventures begin & continue...

The Frier is looking forward to pet/home sitting & dog walking for you.

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