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Singapore Schools ReunionsPhotos of reunions big and small featuring Ex pupils of BFES in Singapore.
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Singapore Reunion June 2014 - Vol 1


Photos from some of those who attended the Singapore Schools reunion in June 2014 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the opening of St. Johns Comprehensive School.

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Chandos 22-11-2017


Singapore Schools Reunion held at the Chandos Pub, London on 22 November 2017.

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Newcastle 23 Sept 2017


Photos of a reunion of former pupils of BFES schools in Singapore, held in Newcastle on Saturday 23rd September 2017.

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Alan Brocklehurst


My thanks to Alan Brocklehurst for these photos. Alan was at RAF Seletar with his parents from 1966 to 1968 aged 15 to 17. His younger brother Colin was aged 4 to 6.

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Alan Mudge


My thanks to Alan Mudge for the following photos. Alan wrote in the Guest Book that he was a "Former armourer 1957 - 1980. Did three tours at Tengah between 1960 - 67. First tour Bomb Dump/No.1 Explosives Site, second and third tours with 64(F) Sqn.

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Alastair Young


My thanks to Alastair Young for these family photos from his time in Singapore.

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Alayne Hanger


Thanks to Alayne Hanger for these photos taken in and around the dockyard swimming pool about April 1968. Alayne was in Singapore from 1967 to 1969.

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Allan MacKinnon


My thanks to Allan MacKinnon who was stationed at RAF Changi 1964/66 for these photos.

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Allan Taylor


I was stationed in Singapore 1965/7 - ex 20 squadron RAF Tengah. My wife played netball for the 2 1/2 years she was there. I think she played for the Crickets netball team.

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Andrew Clarke


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Andy Darbyshire


My thanks to Andy Darbyshire for these photos. Andy said that "I served at Changi from November 1959 to May 1962 and was a J/T in station accounts looking after airmens pay.

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Paul Cook


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Julie Mitchell


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Maurice Hann


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Bernard Horsfield


Thanks to Bernard Horsfield for these photos. Bernard said in his email "I was in Singapore in 1970 aged 9. We also lived at Waddington Road on camp. My father was in 48sqdn Chief Technician on Hercs; John Horsfield, mum was Jean Horsfield, Sister Paula Horsfield."

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