Memories of Singapore

Photos and Images submitted to the Memories of Singapore website

Luchtime Radio in Singapore 1970 at Island View

Jean the Singaporean broadcaster plays hospital requests . Music includes the Hollies, Glen Campbell, Ray Coniff Singers and others. Used to listen to this station whilst doing my homework ! Recorded on mono Aiwa tape/radio recorder which was bought by my Dad in 1970.

Lunch_Time_Radio_-_Singapore_1970.mp4 Cards_and_Certificates_issued_at_finish_of_the_Big_Walk_-_Feb_1970.jpg Bourne_School__Prospectus_1969-70_2B_Speech_Day_20th_June_1970_-The_National_Theatre_Singapore.jpg Big_Walkers_on_Kent_Ridge_2B_Mr__Cummins_at_Gillman_Circus_-_The_Big_Walk_Feb__1970.jpg Activities_at_Bourne_School_-_Gillman_1969-70.jpg