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Impromptu Fife Reunion 12-01-2018

Impromptu Fife reunion in the Seven Kings, Dunfermline on January 12th 2019. From left to right, Colin Ritchie Anderson, Tony Taucher, Lynne Copping, Kim Mason, Jonathan Frost and Deborah Allen. Not in the photo as we met up with him later was Peter Coleman. It was lovely to meet up.

78CB5D3D-EFDA-4F79-BE82-B8F4A522C407.jpeg 70F1A776-5D8A-4A34-8FC9-24B346CEB417.jpeg Impromptu_Fife_Reunion_12-01-2018.jpg 1969_03_29_St_John_s_Oliver21.jpg 1968_12_15_Nee_Soon_Carol_Service.jpg