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Mark Wallace


My thanks to Mark Wallace for these three photos below, which his father took in 1970. Mark lived on Spitfire Road, RAF Tengah from 68 to 71. At the time he left, Mark was 12 years old.

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John Hyde


Thanks to John Hyde for the following nine photos. John was in Singapore from '69 to 1971 with 3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn RM. and his wife was with 4 Coy WRAC at Tanglin Barracks. All photos were taken in 1969, except one outside St Georges Garrison Church which was taken in 2009.

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Steven Ladbrooke


I think they were taken in 68, they are group class photos of my brother (older group) and me (younger one's) at Seletar Secondary. The other one is of us in our scout uniforms, our scout hut was just to the left of the swimming pools on camp. My dad, Corporal Bert Ladbrooke, was working in Supply I think!

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Marilyn Jenner


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Maureen Upfield


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Kenny Symmons


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Frank van der Weerden


My thanks to Frank van der Weerden for these four photographs featuring two of the many Singapore Fire Stations.

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Scott Horton


A collection of Singapore photos taken by H. D. Horton between 1967 and 1973. My thanks to his son, Scott Horton for sending these to me. Scott said that he was at the Singapore American School, but also used to play in a band called 'Childhood's End' for dances for St John's and other British schools and also at the naval and air bases.

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John Kirk


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Paul Shovlar


My thanks to Paul Shovlar for these photos taken around 1965-67

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Bron Worsnip


My thanks to Bron Worsnip for these photos from his time at RAF Tengah. Bron was in the RAF from 1959 to 1971.

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Thomas Gilbert


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Mr McFarlane with binoculars, and Mr Bagnall101 viewsThanks to Janet Nicholls (now Rees), former head girl of AGS, for this photo.
Mersing camping trip161 viewsMersing Nov. 1966.Keith ‘Ramrod’ Gordon and Ken Collins break camp.
John Webb & Mandy Burge141 views
1108 Sembawang Rd, Singapore95 views
Sue Blanthorne139 views
71 Hua Guan Ave.60 views71 Hua Guan Ave.
Raffles Village94 viewsRaffles Village, not sure what the building was.

TK Chia wrote to say that
Raffles Village is located on Cuscaden Road, just behind Tanglin Road. Today it is the proposed site for the new St. Regis Hotel

ASM Class 5T2140 viewsASM Class 5T2
Front Row:
Jim Parker, Tony Williams, John McLoughlin, Derek Bilton, unknown.
Rear: First Tony Adams. Centre is a gentleman called A Kumas Rai who sent me the photograph from Hong Kong

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