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Singapore Schools ReunionsPhotos of reunions big and small featuring Ex pupils of BFES in Singapore.
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Chandos 16-02-2018


Ex BFES Singapore pupils meeting up for a reunion with special guests Jan Catchpool and Veronica Bourne and families.

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Newcastle 1st Sept 2018


Mini reunion in Newcastle, September 2018

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Birmingham 22 Sept 2018


Former pupils of BFES Schools in Singapore having a reunion in Birmingham

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Perth, Australia. Nov 2018


Reunion of Pupils who attended BFES in Singapore, meeting in Perth, Australia, for a week of activities, which started on 5th November 2018.

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Mini Reunions


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Singapore Reunion June 2014 - Vol 1


Photos from some of those who attended the Singapore Schools reunion in June 2014 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the opening of St. Johns Comprehensive School.

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Chandos 22-11-2017


Singapore Schools Reunion held at the Chandos Pub, London on 22 November 2017.

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Newcastle 23 Sept 2017


Photos of a reunion of former pupils of BFES schools in Singapore, held in Newcastle on Saturday 23rd September 2017.

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Denise Whittaker


My thanks to Denise Whittaker for these photos. Denise said that "Most pics from Malaya and RAF Seletar in the late 50’s. Some may be from Gibraltar in 56 and we were also at Changi in ‘65 so I would be interested to find out if people can identify the where and who for me."

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Elizabeth Webster


Thanks to Elizabeth Webster for these photos. Elizabeth who's father was Major Harry Webster lived on the Medway Park Estate in the early 60's, and attended Alexandra Junior School.

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Douglas Craner


My thanks to Douglas Craner for these photos. Doug said "I found these B/W photo's of Changi, also a pic of my house 687 Upper Changi Road. RAF Changi from the air, was taken by my father in a HP Hastings, he was with 48 Sqd"

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Geoff Armstrong


My thanks to Geoff Armstrong for these photos. Geoff was at the Naval Base 1952/1955 then 1959/1962. His father Reg was a Chargeman of Shipfitters, and well known for his interest in football. Mum Isobel loved the amateur dramatics at the Japanese Theatre.

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Rick Williams


Thanks to Rick Williams for the following photographs. Rick said "They are from my stay in 71 Hua Guan Avenue as a child between 1966-1969, as my father served in the RAOC. They include aerial pictures of the area, then and now. (That's me aged 12 in a Cessna light aircraft!)"

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Ian Glen


Thanks to Ian Glen for these photos of St. John's taken 1966/67. Ian was in Singapore from 1958 to 1968.

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Heather Fisher


Thanks to Heather for these photos from her time in Singapore in 1967. Heather lived in Dempsey Road, Tanglin and attended Alexandra Junior School.

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Ian Glen 2


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Bob Simons


Island Boat Trip - You can see that life was hard for us school kids in Singapore

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Jane Radford


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Jim Parker


Thanks to Jim Parker for these photos. Jim Parker, arrived in Singapore late 1960 aged 14. At first lived in Nee Soon but moved to 3 Marne Court, Wessex Estate. Joined Alexander Secondary Modern (ASM) and spent most of the time in Mr Peter Bagnall’s Class 5T2. A keen member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, and Cross Country and middle distance running, became a Prefect and Head Boy (but who didn’t?) Returned to the UK in mid 1963 aged 17 joined the army and served 23 years. Settled in Whitley Bay, (north of Newcastle upon Tyne) worked in HMRC for 20 years. Retired on reaching the age of 65. Married Zena in 1971 and had 3 daughters, hobby researching soldiers who served in the First World War

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John Mitchell


My thanks to John Mitchell, who served in the Electrical Dept of Singapore Dockyard and Sembawang Shipyard from 1967 to 1970, for these two photos. John Mitchells' three children Susan, Julie and John attended the RN Naval Base School, Susan went on to Bourne. They lived initially in Sembawang Springs then inside the Naval Base.

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