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General Shot of 339a Pasir Panjang Road in 1960196 viewsMy mother just visible with children
6th court - King Piencheng96 viewsCheating, cursing, abducting others results in being thrown onto a tree of knives
Misuse of books, possession of pornography material, breaking written rules and regulations or wasting food results in one’s body sawn into half or thrown onto a tree of knives
The Ladybirds213 viewsFrom Christine Smith who said, the picture is the Ladybirds, a team of Royal Marine & Army wives 68/69 era. My mum Pat McAlinden is left front. Anybody know the other ladies?1 comments
Rick Faulkner and Jill Casey at St. Johns146 views
Clarke Quay area114 viewsThese are some old bank buildings I came across in the now very modern Clarke Quay area that had somehow overlooked the bulldozers, a section of the old road can also be seen along side
The SVSO Dance was dated December 1966148 viewsThe SVSO Dance was dated December 1966. Robert and Nancy Blyth are front on the left. My mum worked in the Victualling and Stores Offices in the Dockyard. Dad was an engineer on a tug called the Nimble.
Scout camp at Hill 152103 viewsScout camp at Hill 152
I'm on the extreme right. I believe the boy on the left in the blue shirt was named Ken and the boy next to me was named Richard.
Modern part of Chinatown in the rain87 viewsModern part of Chinatown in the rain

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Personnel 4 viewsPhoto of 74 Sqd Personnel. Not sure if this matches 100% with all the names included in the booklet. Dad John Kelly (Ned) 6th in from right hand side, first row behind the pilots Jun 19, 2018
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Order of Ceremony
Jun 19, 2018
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74 Sqd personnel at 25th Aug 1971
Dad is Chief Technician Kelly J.M.(Ned)
Jun 19, 2018
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