Memories of Singapore

Photos and Images submitted to the Memories of Singapore website

Shayne Terry 177 viewsShayne on the balcony at Tom O'Brien's house on the Sussex estate.
Tom, Shayne and Ian258 viewsTaken in Tom O'Brien's back garden. Left - Tom, middle - Shayne Terry, right - Ian Vale.
Back of the Kent Cinema, Dover Road.300 viewsI'm afraid I can't put names to them. I think extreme left may have been Julie and then Marion Kimble, Linda James and unknown
Jim, Jane, Ann and me336 viewsThis photo is a bit of a mystery. I've written on the back, Jim, Jane, Anne and Me. I vaguely remember Jim and even more vaguely remember Anne and Jane, but can't quite place them. I think Ann is sitting next to me.
Ian and Ron267 viewsTaken on the Southern Islands somewhere. In the last days I was there, we went out there quite frequently, usually spending 2 or 3 days on these deserted islands. The other guy in the photo is Ron, who was a local and the roadie with my band.
Ian and Mary349 viewsI would love to track Mary down again.
Ian and Mary400 viewsTaken during my final days in Singapore. I'd damaged my hand and wrist and spent about 7 weeks recovering at home. Can't remember Mary's surname, but she was from Dunfermline in Scotland.
Chip Bee Flats511 viewsTaken under the flats at Chip Bee Estate. Janet Cole, Ian Vale and Shayne Terry
School Bus 374 viewsCatching the School bus home from St. Johns. Tom O'Brien and Ian Vale.
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