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Alexandra Junior School, David O'Briens class270 viewsAlexandra Junior School, David O'Briens class. David 4th from left on front row
Donald Foo242 viewsDonald Foo
Donalds' uncle ran the Half Way House in Bukit Timah which my father use to frequent
70 Hua Guan Avenue276 viewsThis is the bungalow in September 2003.
A new house now stands on this site.
Hua Guan Avenue226 viewsphoto of Hua Guan Avenue taken in September 2003
No 2 Civilian Mess - Mata Road. HMNB.333 viewsMy thanks to Bernard Mennell for this photo. Bernard said in his email "I notice that your fascinating site has no reference to the Civilian Messes in the Naval Base where single/unaccompanied staff lived. I had a wonderful time living briefly in No 2 Mess in Mata Road from Dec 1970 to March 1971 - the photograph shows the main living quarters with part of one of the Accommodation Blocks. Half a mile away next to Beaulieu House was No 1 Mess, that accommodated more senior staff and was reputedly less fun! Both closed in October 1971. The area is now Sembawang Park but there is no trace of either Mess. I don't know how many such civilian Messes there once were, but the official 1968 plan of HM Naval Base identifies a No 6 Mess in Jamaica Road."
70 Hua Guan Avenue257 viewsAnother view of the bungalow
253 viewsHua Guan Avenue. Picture taken from outside the bungalow looking down the Avenue. 1967/68
Ian Vale and Tom O'Brien 2005239 viewsIan Vale and Tom O'Brien. Photo taken in 2005 when Ian was in Newcastle. First time we had met up in about 20 years.
Ian Vale235 viewsIan Vale also known as Scottie.
can be contacted
Janet Cole, Ian Vale and Shayne Terry.296 viewsJanet Cole, Ian Vale and Shayne Terry.

Photo taken under the flats on the Chip Bee Estate, Holland Village. I used to go there often to meet up with friends.
Any news on Janet Cole?
John Hemmings223 viewsJohn Hemmings
Nicknamed the 'Bin' moved to Millbank, London after Singapore. Rumour has it that John was killed in a motorcycle accident in the early 70's.
John Scaith203 viewsJohn Scaith.
Attended St. John's. Believed to have went to Aldershot after Singapore. Surname could be spelt 'Scaife'.
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