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At Royal Navy School open day.136 views
Our Amah's kampong.166 viewsOur Amah's kampong. I think it was Yew Tee village outside the main Kranji gates. She used to invite us for a meal there and her husband cooked us chinese food.
Bishop's House, Fraser's Hill, Malaysia137 views
Boxing Day on the swing in the garden.125 views
Boxing Day with our hats!135 views
Christmas, Singapore. D and I aged 5 and 2.116 views
June 1971 My brother and my joint 6th and 3rd birthday.147 viewsJune 1971 My brother and my joint 6th and 3rd birthday. My brother went on the bus to the Royal Naval School.
Me refusing to have my photo taken163 viewsMe refusing to have my photo taken lying on one of the poolside rattan chairs. The Kranji pool was just a short walk up the hill from our bungalow. We spent a lot of our time here. Once I was bitten on the face by a piedog and another time I got some glass embedded in my foot. Each time I was driven to the local medical centre in a dustcart!
My brother and I on Boxing Day 1970124 viewsMy brother and I on Boxing Day 1970 in the drawing room of our bungalow on the Kranji base.
D and I in the jungle with mum. Singapore.122 views
David and I on tri-shaws in Malacca, 1971.134 views
D and my 5th and 2nd birthday.112 viewsD and my 5th and 2nd birthday.

Written on the back of this photo it says "Alison and brothers John and Andrew"
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