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Class photo 1969. (May be 1971)564 views1 comments12/31/19 at 15:30Richard Williams: Wessex Junior School
Class photo Wessex Junior 1970567 views1 comments12/31/19 at 15:08Richard Williams: I am 1st in from the right sitting on seat
Alexandra Juniors May 1969 - Fiona Wallace306 viewsThanks to Fiona Wallace who said "my class at Alexandra Junior School in May 1969. I think the teacher was Mr Bennett?! I am sitting in the front row, second from left, the only one not looking at the camera of course!! can't remember the names of many of my classmates unfortunately but think one is called Gillian White and another Sarah Marchi. We lived in Orange Grove Road, just off Orchard Rd as my dad was a civilian at HQ FARELF Tanglin from 1968 to 1971."1 comments03/23/19 at 18:57gordonshinn: I’m 5th from left in the back row. And yes that is...
The Ladybirds267 viewsFrom Christine Smith who said, the picture is the Ladybirds, a team of Royal Marine & Army wives 68/69 era. My mum Pat McAlinden is left front. Anybody know the other ladies?1 comments08/27/16 at 21:32singas: Mair Waters is holding the ball.
REME Training Centre, Sergeant's Mess, Christmas Party 1963.301 viewsREME Training Centre, Sergeant's Mess, Christmas Party 1963.

David Vickers is 12th from left, between the blond haired boy with the tie and balloon, and the blond haired girl.
1 comments07/16/16 at 19:07grace: I´m the blond haired girl - happy times - I went b...
Pasir Panjang Flats221 viewsPasir Panjang Flats. We lived on the LHS 2nd up. Address 339a Pasir Panjang Road1 comments07/16/16 at 15:52toolightblue: I've just uploaded a very similar picture. W...
Tengah Primary School 1968315 viewsMany thanks to Mark Kieft for this school photo. Mark is 2nd left on the back row.1 comments05/03/16 at 20:55Jerry: My name is Jeremy Hawkins I was in the second row ...
735 views1 comments03/17/16 at 16:28BrenAJ: I played for the Crickets netball team too. I'...
The Changi Murals201 views1 comments01/29/16 at 13:47Keith Duffy: That mural was 4 beds down from me and I wasn'...
Bourne Class ?478 views1 comments01/17/16 at 13:01peterjmallory: Kevin Chinnery is front right, Lynn Balmer in cent...
Royal Naval School356 viewsThanks to Angela Jackson for this photo. Angela said "RN School Singapore 1964-67 Can't remember the teacher's name. I am in the front - 1st in the row."1 comments12/30/15 at 20:28Liz Dench (nee Strange): Teachers name if I remember rightly is Mr Axle
RN School Photo 1965263 viewsMy thanks to Kyria Hewitt for this 1965 Royal Naval School photo. She is the girl behind the teacher. If you recognise yourself or others please get in touch or leave a comment.1 comments12/30/15 at 19:41Liz Dench (nee Strange): 2nd row at the left end (as facing) is Steve Brown...
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