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Class photo 1969. (May be 1971)551 views1 comments12/31/19 at 16:30Richard Williams: Wessex Junior School
Class photo Wessex Junior 1970552 views1 comments12/31/19 at 16:08Richard Williams: I am 1st in from the right sitting on seat
The Ladybirds262 viewsFrom Christine Smith who said, the picture is the Ladybirds, a team of Royal Marine & Army wives 68/69 era. My mum Pat McAlinden is left front. Anybody know the other ladies?1 comments08/27/16 at 22:32singas: Mair Waters is holding the ball.
Bourne Class ?473 views1 comments01/17/16 at 14:01peterjmallory: Kevin Chinnery is front right, Lynn Balmer in cent...
Sally Green in Fashion Show at St John's255 views1 comments10/24/15 at 16:12Roger: Where is Sally Now :lol
Sally Green at Jason's Bay318 views1 comments10/24/15 at 16:09Roger: Where is Sally now now ? Roger
My dad on the left & mum on the right392 views1 comments04/07/15 at 09:47shirlanne: Pics could have been a bit clearer I am trying to ...
1st Football Team 1969260 views1st Football Team 1969

the only boy I remember is Martin Cowley, fourth from left in the front row. This was a highly successful team: look at the trophies they won in 1969!
1 comments10/23/14 at 14:35chrisrae: My memories a bit hazy – maybe I can name a few. ...
Will and ? -Dockyard Pool331 views1 comments06/24/14 at Will Oakly and Ray Flood
Kerry ?, Karen, Jackie - Dockyard Pool322 views1 comments06/24/14 at The girl seated in the swim suit is Sarah Peak
338 viewsSteve Rice, Brenda Currie, Karen Bowen, Jackie Kerslake1 comments06/24/14 at John Carter is behind Karen
Dockyard Pool361 viewsKerry, Sue, Jackie Harris, Janet Hitchcock, Jackie Kerslake - Dockyard Pool1 comments06/24/14 at Kerry is in fact Jackie Kerslake
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