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Valarie Todd - Seletar Secondary Modern290 viewsThe school photo was from my sister Valarie’s school (Seletar Secondary Modern) with two of her friends, Malcolm Westwood and Julie McGill.1 comments05/09/15 am31 05:03shirlanne: Is this Peter Todd who knew a Shirley living at 18...
501 views1 comments05/06/15 am31 05:16shirlanne: is the boy on the left Peter Todd?
1062 viewsNot sure of these names but think it was taken on-board ship when they all left for England1 comments04/09/15 am30 06:45shirlanne: Anyone know of Peter Todd 1950 era?
920 views1 comments04/09/15 am30 06:42shirlanne: Are Peter or Mark Todd in any of these photos? Har...
My dad on the left & mum on the right452 views1 comments04/07/15 am30 07:47shirlanne: Pics could have been a bit clearer I am trying to ...
607 views1 comments04/07/15 am30 03:29shirlanne: is the young man Peter Todd anyone know of him?
437 viewsThese photos show pupils of Alexandra Grammar School who were resident at Kinloss House.1 comments04/07/15 am30 03:25shirlanne: the boy in the front looks like Peter Todd. Does a...
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