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Last additions - Alexandra Junior School
Alexandra Junior School 1969633 viewsMy thanks to Mike Wardle for this school photograph from 1969 - Alexandra Junior School (Mr Bergen's class), perhaps others will be able to identify themselves. You can leave a comment or contact Admin.

Mike Wardle was in Singapore 1968-1970, his father was in the RAMC at Gillman Hospital.
Apr 27, 2015
Class 15 at Alexandra School, taken in July 1964270 viewsThanks to Pam Harding for this photo of Class 15 at Alexandra School, Singapore, taken in July 1964

Mr Robinson - Teacher

Pam Harding is sitting on the front row, second from the left.
Feb 01, 2014
Alexandra Juniors May 1969 - Fiona Wallace293 viewsThanks to Fiona Wallace who said "my class at Alexandra Junior School in May 1969. I think the teacher was Mr Bennett?! I am sitting in the front row, second from left, the only one not looking at the camera of course!! can't remember the names of many of my classmates unfortunately but think one is called Gillian White and another Sarah Marchi. We lived in Orange Grove Road, just off Orchard Rd as my dad was a civilian at HQ FARELF Tanglin from 1968 to 1971."1 commentsFeb 01, 2014
Alexandra Juniors 1967 - Mrs Eckfords choir215 viewsMy thanks to Kim Flower for this photo of the choir.Feb 01, 2014
Alexandra Juniors 1967 - Mrs Evans Class.269 viewsMy thanks to Kim Flower for this photo.Feb 01, 2014
Alexandra Juniors 1970252 viewsThanks to Liz Phillips for this photo. Liz is middle row, second from right.Feb 01, 2014
Alexandra Juniors 1968246 viewsThanks to Lynne Betteridge for this photo of her class with teacher Miss Harrison. Some names that she remembers are on the photo. If you are in this photo let me know.Feb 01, 2014
Alexandra Juniors 1970294 viewsClass 6. Thanks to Simon Taylor for this photo, he is 2nd from the right on the back row. Simon also says that "there is also Virginia Moncrieff (Australian) middle row far right. The girl third from right, middle row was called Jane Taylor (I think). The class teacher is Mr Williams - his wife was also a teacher at the school - year 5?" Colin Payne has identified himself on the back row fourth from the left. To his left is Hazel Marley then Rhonda Wilson. Front row third from right is Alan Farmer.Feb 01, 2014
Alexandra Juniors 1969237 viewsClass 5. Simon Taylor is in the front row 3rd from the left.Feb 01, 2014
Alexandra Juniors 1968244 viewsClass 4. Simon Taylor is second from left on the back row. Keith Stokes is second from right front row.Feb 01, 2014
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