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Last additions - Frank van der Weerden
Sembawang Fire Station166 viewsPhoto taken in 1986, Sembawang fire station was handed over to the local government on 01-10-1971 and the station was closed in 2005 when a new one was opened in Yishun.Feb 28, 2014
DFB Sembawang315 viewsYear taken unknown. The logo reads 1945 and DFB. I guess DFB stands for Defence Fire Brigade and 1945 the year of the opening of the station.2 commentsFeb 28, 2014
Alexandra Fire Station 1953-2003403 viewsThe station was in use from 1954 till 2003 and on the same location a new fire station was opened in 2005 together with a police neighbourhood station and the 1st Division HQ of the SCDF.Feb 28, 2014
Alexandra Fire Station - today161 viewsFeb 28, 2014
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