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Netball Award Plaque125 viewsThis netball award plaque was a team award for one of many competitions that mum used to play in.Nov 11, 2013
The Mackan123 viewsThe mackan (think the spelling is right) is actually two pieces of
bamboo, the stall holder would walk up and down banging them together in his
/ her own special way to advertise the fact the stall was ready for
business. I used to bang the two pieces of wood together for a bit of a laugh to confuse the locals.
Nov 11, 2013
Kampong162 viewsThis kampong was situated next to Far East Mansions and this photo was taken from one of
the upper flats.
Nov 11, 2013
The reverse side of the Japanese occupation bank note.115 viewsNov 11, 2013
The obverse side of a Japanese WW2 occupation bank note. 120 viewsNov 11, 2013
Taken from our 5th floor flat, Far East Mansions152 viewsTaken from our 5th floor flat, Far East Mansions, circa 1968. I am not sure what the occasion is but that small marquee is set up right outside the flat that was used as the families club so would assume there was a do of some kind on, complete with marching band.Nov 11, 2013
Chinese Hell note118 viewsThe reverse side of the same Chinese Hell note. Nov 11, 2013
Chinese Hell note120 viewsThe obverse side of a Chinese Hell note. They were burnt often just after someone’s death, very often in the street, which is where I found this oneNov 11, 2013
Singapore Girl Guide badges131 viewsTwo Singapore Girl Guide badges that my mum used to wear.Nov 11, 2013
cutting is either from the Straits Times or the Malay Mail159 viewsThe newspaper cutting is either from the Straits Times or the Malay Mail,
(the article appeared in both), The background to the story is that my sister and occasionally me would help out at the Singapore Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The local papers obviously thought it would make a good story.
Nov 11, 2013
Bourne leaving certificate152 viewsMy Bourne leaving certificate, issued in December 1969 just prior to my departure from Singapore.Nov 11, 2013
Bourne leaving certificate157 viewsThe other side of the same certificate.Nov 11, 2013
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