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150th anniversary of Singapore176 viewshis first day cover was issued to commemorate the 150th anniversary of SingaporeNov 11, 2013
Bourne School 2006172 viewsA view taken from the bend in the steps, this was where the prefects used to herd you if you were deemed to be pushing in the queue while waiting for the buses.Oct 21, 2013
Bourne School 2006188 viewsA view along one of the external corridors, not quite sure whereOct 21, 2013
Bourne School 2006187 viewsA view along the other side of what I think was the old science block. Note students have the luxury of air conditioning today!Oct 21, 2013
Bourne School 2006182 viewsAn old plague with a date of 1932, presumably the year the building was put upOct 21, 2013
Bourne School 2006185 viewsSame position as previous photo but now looking back along the front of the main old building.Oct 21, 2013
Bourne School 2006190 viewsAt the long steps end of the main old building, Kath told me the building over on the right has now been condemned and cannot be usedOct 21, 2013
Bourne School 2006178 viewsView looking down from the top, I think the building on the left was put up post Bourne eraOct 21, 2013
Bourne School 2006205 viewsKath Upshall who kindly showed me around.Oct 21, 2013
Bourne School 2006175 viewsLooking down at what I think was the science block.Oct 21, 2013
Bourne School 2006216 viewsLower part of the school taken in the quadrangle.Oct 21, 2013
Bourne School 2006188 viewsA view back down from the top.Oct 21, 2013
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