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40 viewsMy brother Donny Payne outside in a class photo. He’s the boy with the exceedingly good tan.Apr 14, 2021
the nativity is from Alexander Infant school39 viewsThe one photo of the nativity is from Alexander Infant school 1963 or 64. I had the important job of opening and closing the curtains (was an angel but had a couple of days off ill only to return and find myself promoted!). I’m the blonde girl on the left hand side of the stage, clinging to the curtain!Apr 14, 2021
3 viewsMy brother Donny Payne outside in a class photo. He’s standing directly behind the female teacher not too long after we arrived so probably late 62/early 63,Apr 14, 2021
Pasir Panjang junior school sports day2 viewsPasir Panjang junior school sports day and features my sister, Gail Payne either before or after a race, in her house bib (V) standing on the right hand side of the photo and handily dated to the exact day it was taken. Apr 14, 2021
Pasir Panjang junior school6 viewsPasir Panjang junior school featuring my sister Gail In her classroom (second from the back, close to the window) Apr 14, 2021
First Day Cover1145 viewsFeb 22, 2021
National Day 3rd June 19631141 viewsFeb 22, 2021
National Day 3rd June 196217 viewsFeb 22, 2021
The swimming pool at Changi246 viewsFeb 11, 2021
St Patrick’s Day 1964233 viewsFeb 11, 2021
251 viewsMy brother and I with mum, Peggy and I think a lady called Mrs HayesFeb 11, 2021
Official Opening of the new classroom71 viewsTaken on the same day, presumably the ‘official opening’ of the new classroom.
So sad that the names of the children are not written on the reverse but the back row, from the left as you look at it
Billy Ferguson, me, Edward Ferguson (holding ‘Baby’), Lorna Ferguson (my Aunt), Peggy Ferguson (my mother) and my father, Flt/Sgt W S Ferguson.
My father was awarded the BEM while in Singapore but I think it related to his work elsewhere.
Feb 11, 2021
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