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43 viewsFeb 07, 2021
Serangoon Gardens 1958624 viewsAt Worthing Road in Serangoon Gardens. Can you recognize the two young Brits?Jan 11, 2021
Worthing Road, Serangoon Gardens1284 viewsAnyone recognize these two British young men? c1958Dec 12, 2020
Worthing Road, Serangoon Gardens 602 viewsRecognize these two British children? Mid 1950s.Dec 12, 2020
Worthing Road, Serangoon Gardens129 viewsDoes anyone recognize the British child? Early 1960s.Dec 12, 2020
Our amah Theresa654 viewsNov 24, 2020
Our amah Sue in the back garden 1968641 viewsSue was our amah in Dahan Road for 1968-1970. Look at the tunnel behind us. I was not allowed to explore it but think it was linked to WW2 as there were also the remains of buildings in the area in front of our house.Nov 24, 2020
1967172 viewsI am on the left looking a wee bit unsure!Nov 21, 2020
1968156 viewsStanding right to left Ann Wilson, my mum Margaret Brown
Sitting facing the camera right to left; ?, Stephen Wilson, myself in with my hair in bunches wearing a lovely lemon party dress.
Nov 21, 2020
1969164 viewsBack from left to right with seats facing the camera: my friend Sally Anne Walker, myself with a small ponytail at the top of my hair and wearing a beautiful aqua dress with a white colour with embroidery, a boy in my class. Front second from left Deborah Mannion.
I do not remember any of the other children in the photo apart from the fact the girl 3rd from the left wearing a party hat had beautiful long red hair.
Nov 21, 2020
Christmas concert December 1969161 viewsLook at the range of costumes! I remember there was a nativity but don't recall why some pupils were wearing their pyjamas!Nov 21, 2020
Christmas concert December 1969131 viewsI am in the 3rd row from the top 5th from the left - playing a triangle this time! Love these pictures as most of us are not aware of the camera - zoom in an look at some of the expressions/actions!Nov 21, 2020
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