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Pacific Mansions135 viewsPacific Mansion taken from the "garden" of Far East Mansions. We kids used the roof of the building in the foreground as a short cut. The occupants of course used to object! A block of flats now stands where the “garden” used to be.Nov 15, 2013
Junior netball137 viewsThis was the Junior netball team from Far East Mansions. Mum used to help with the coaching.Nov 15, 2013
Dakotas netball team136 viewsThe Dakotas netball team in action at Far East Mansions. Mum is in the orange top, bandaged knee.Nov 15, 2013
National Theatre123 viewsA side view of the fountain at the front of the National Theatre building. I believe this has now been demolished.Nov 15, 2013
National Day. August 1968127 viewsNational Day again, this time members of the Singapore police, note the National Theatre in the background.Nov 15, 2013
National Day. August 1968126 viewsNational Day parade, Aug 1968Nov 15, 2013
Far East and Pacific Mansions taken from Mount Faber123 viewsFar East and Pacific Mansions taken from Mount Faber, Singapore's highest point. They were some of the tallest buildings at the time.Nov 15, 2013
Malaya Village122 viewsThe same village (I think) but this section was in-land.Nov 15, 2013
Malaya Village125 viewsA typical Malaya Village built on wooden stilts over water.Nov 15, 2013
Macritchie Reservoir111 viewsA fountain at Macritchie reservoir, the Islands largest of three.Nov 15, 2013
This was part of a funeral party.115 viewsThis was part of a funeral party.Nov 15, 2013
Botanical Gardens129 viewsTwo local girls taken in the Botanical Gardens. The floral display in the background was part of a working clock.Nov 15, 2013
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