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Stephen Philip Cottrell206 views Stephen Philip Cottrell

b. December 1951

d. February 1991
Oct 15, 2013
The Gully-Gully man244 viewsOct 15, 2013
Pasir Panjang Junior School260 viewsMy brother Philip’s first school in Singapore (May 1963 – June 1963) Pasir Panjang Junior SchoolOct 15, 2013
Looking up at Kent Ridge224 viewsLooking up at Kent Ridge from the front garden of 17 Prince George’s Park. I used to climb up there to my mate Michael Clarke’s house. Saved about a mile walking!!Oct 15, 2013
The Gap Hill climb races263 viewsOct 15, 2013
Seletar Fishing Ponds270 viewsAnother view of the Fishing Ponds at Seletar 1964Oct 15, 2013
Seletar Fishing Ponds282 viewsGeneral view of the Fishing Ponds at Seletar 1964Oct 15, 2013
Seletar Fishing Ponds305 viewsCharles ‘Spud’ Leavey, Fishing Ponds at Seletar 1964Oct 15, 2013
Family outing at The Gap 1964348 viewsFamily outing at The Gap 1964 – Self in foreground, Chris Wall to my rightOct 15, 2013
Pasir Panjang Power Station229 viewsThe view from my bedroom window at Prince George’s Park – looking across Pasir Panjang Power Station and the islands in the Straits of Singapore beyond.Oct 15, 2013
Chris Wall334 viewsChris Wall – a mate from 1964 – 1966 before he went to Hong Kong. Used to play guitar with The Pagans (I think). Taken at The Gap 1964.Oct 15, 2013
My brother’s best mate329 viewsMy brother’s best mate at Bourne School 1964. I believe his name to be Charles Allcock – but I’m not sure.Oct 15, 2013
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