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Class photo 1969. (May be 1971)540 views1 commentsDec 31, 2019
Class photo Wessex Junior 1970540 views1 commentsDec 31, 2019
class photo Wessex Junior School 197022 viewsDec 31, 2019
my dad - chilling out at Changi Beach597 views1957 - we loved Changi Beach. Dec 12, 2019
Alexandra Secondary Modern 1958602 viewsMy last school photo! I am middle row, 3rd from left - looking at the photo, (on left in front of Jenny Baird, the tallest girl in the class. )Dec 12, 2019
me with mum Christmas 195752 viewsAt our flat 229e St. john’s Rd, HM Naval BaseDec 12, 2019
Dockyard Club ‘gang’ 195735 viewsi still keep in touch with some of our ‘gang’. Dec 12, 2019
Dockyard Club ‘gang’ 195717 viewsi still keep in touch with some of our ‘gang’. Dec 12, 2019
HM Naval Base Institute of Commerce25 views1957-58 - i am front row - 5th from right.Dec 12, 2019
me with Whacker (Foo Chee Han) at a reunion in Plymouth UK24 viewsSingspore friends reunion with Whacker at Royal Western Yacht Club, Plymouth when he visited UK in 2013. Dec 12, 2019
Me, with Whacker (Foo Chee Han) 201323 viewsi returned to singapore 2913, met with Whacker again (Foo Chee Han). taken outside our old flat at 229 St. john’s Road, HM Naval Base. Dec 12, 2019
1955 - Singapore City having dinner21 viewsMy dad, mum, brother Barry, me, and our Chinese friend Whacker (Foo Chee Han).Dec 12, 2019
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