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Spike Whitworth, Ralph Johnson and Bill Gall188 viewsThis photo of Spike Whitworth, Ralph Johnson and Bill Gall was taken at RAF Tengah sometime during 1958/59 I think.
Changi Junior School Football Team 1958-59532 viewsThanks to Martin Woodward for this photo of Changi Junior school football team of 1958/59. Martin said - I am third from the left of the photo at the back standing I can only recall the name of the head teacher Mr Roberts who is standing on the far right of the photo I was aged 13 at the time.
My father Jack Woodward was a flight Sergeant in the RAF at that time and I lived with my mother Isobel in Manston Road Changi
Tanglin House 1958202 viewsTanglin House - (on the back of the photograph my late mother wrote Louis’s birthday party 1958)
Tanglin House 1958225 viewsTanglin House - (on the back of the photograph my late mother wrote Marion’s birthday party 1958)
The Cathay Building, Singapore, 1958179 views
265 viewsArrival in Singapore Dec 1958 staying at the Waverley Guest House, Pasir Panjang – I am in the centre but who are the other two English children?
Jurong Road, Singapore 1958184 views
Orchard Road from the car 1958193 views
RAF Changi Sec School255 viewsRAF Changi Sec School 1958
Christmas Day 1958198 views
The Guest House in Tanglin (1958)231 views
The swimming pool at Gillman Barracks312 viewsThe swimming pool at Gillman Barracks, 1958/59.
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