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Achille Party173 viewsA group of school kids who stayed on to take O & A levels in May/June 1968, The only people I can positively I.D. in the photo are far right Steve Edgecombe, third from right Anna Googan, fifth from right (boy side on) Cliff Andrews, plus far left a chap called Fred who was at RAF Changi School. The number of bottles on the table explain the quality of the photo.
c1968 naval base dockyard departmental toast169 views
Singapore Schools Reunion - Chandos Pub 15th Nov 2014207 viewsHilary Youngman, Anna Googan and Carol Youngman 'just like 1967'
Singapore Schools Reunion - Chandos Pub 15th Nov 2014224 viewsPaul McWilliam, Anna Googan, Lynn McWilliam and Lynne 'Wilson' Copping
Barbara Belfield, Anna Googan, Hilary Youngman376 viewsBFES Singapore Schools Reunion, 13 September 2016 at Portsmouth.
Farewell Card143 viewsThe Invitation card for the combined Farewell Party for a whole group of Dockyardies including the parents of me, Julie Sugrue, and Anna Googan.
This photo is of the Chief Constructors Dept. (Naval Base circa 1968)150 viewsThe only information we have on this photo is some writing on the back which says - Mr Googan TG3 (C/M of Shipfitters) Prom (C). I also noticed that there is one small lady in the centre of the picture.
Farewell party for Mr & Mrs Melville on 30-12-1966157 views
No information on this one other than it was at the Tai Tong Restaurant.150 views
Girls School Baskets144 viewsMy thanks to Anna Googan for this photo. These baskets were in daily use by girls in school, and this original is photographed with school workbooks autographed by friends in 1967. Baskets were available on every street corner but are impossible to find nowadays.
263 viewsBack : Anna Googan, and possibly Colin Wenham

Middle: Hazel Beckwith, Keith Edwards (?), Mike Newham, Sandra Thwaites, Ian “Haggis” Roberts.

On Floor: ?
naval base dockyard social c1968 175 views
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