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Same Hydrant marked on left hand side of steps359 views
Robert has marked out on this photo the locations513 views
Bourne Class Rooms224 views
Bourne School 1964 - Class 2377 viewsThanks to David Vickers who submitted this photo of Class 2 taken in the Autumn of 1964. On the front row 2nd from left is Lynn Fallon, whose camera was used to take this photo. Lynn adds that Front Row 1st left is Gillian (Warburton?), 3rd left - Karen Doollan (aka Charlie)4th left - Valerie Cann, 5th Left - Helen Wilkinson and on the end she thinks Barbara Oliver. Back Row 3rd Left - Alan Blackburn. David Vickers is on the back row 2nd from right. David Robbins has identified himself on the back row, 2nd left.
Staff at Bourne school relaxing after school sports day around 68/69228 viewsStaff at Bourne school relaxing after school sports day around 68/69.
From the left
Mike Burns, Elwyn Jones, Richard Day, John Cairns and Barry Smith.

My thanks to Elwyn Jones for this photo.
Bourne Junior School366 viewsMy name is Kevin Galfskiy, not a lot of people know that ! I am on the far right in the middle row. It was my first day at school and it was not long before I entered Wessex Junior school. I do not remember anyone's name or the teacher's but maybe you do ?
Wendy Gummer872 viewsThanks to Julie Mitchell for this photo of her friend Wendy Gummer outside Bourne School in 1968, with the Changi Bus Co. buses lined up in the background waiting to ferry pupils.
The route to Gillman Pool - part 1475 views
The route to Gillman Pool - part 2490 views
Bourne School to Gillman Pool - Malan Steps.422 viewsBourne School to Gillman Pool - Malan Steps. Note the Hydrant marked on left side of steps
The route to Gillman Pool - part 3490 views
The route to Gillman Pool - part 4417 views
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