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15 Selarang Park Road, Changi284 viewsMy thanks to Marion Body for this photo. Marion lived here with her sister Madeliene (Maddy) in 1968. They were there for about a year with her father Malcolm, an officer (Lieutenant or Captain) in REME and mother Marguerite (Peggy). Marion particularly remembers the stories of how hundreds of POWs were billeted in the house that the four of them then occupied.
15 Selarang Park Road - rear view257 viewsMy thanks to Marion Body for this photo.
1963- 560-1 Halton Rd porch with the wooden boxes used to ship our belongings, RAF Changi34 views
1965- 560-1 Halton Road, RAF Changi40 views
1988-Changi Camp-Tangmere Road Entrance-Upper Changi Road42 views
Upper East Coast Road263 viewsUpper East Coast Road where it meets Jalan Haji Salam. The white arch leads to a well-known restaurant in the 1950s. Photo - July 1955
Bob Chesterman 8 Manston Road192 views
Bob Chesterman building gate entrance 8 Manston Road199 views
Changi Junior School Football Team 1958-59519 viewsThanks to Martin Woodward for this photo of Changi Junior school football team of 1958/59. Martin said - I am third from the left of the photo at the back standing I can only recall the name of the head teacher Mr Roberts who is standing on the far right of the photo I was aged 13 at the time.
My father Jack Woodward was a flight Sergeant in the RAF at that time and I lived with my mother Isobel in Manston Road Changi
687 Upper Changi Road190 views687 Upper Changi Road
Party Xmas '63 24A Waddington Rd- Chesterman's house279 views
Sheila Chesterman party at 24B Waddington Rd285 views
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