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Dancing on the table by the Kranji pool.222 views
Me refusing to have my photo taken167 viewsMe refusing to have my photo taken lying on one of the poolside rattan chairs. The Kranji pool was just a short walk up the hill from our bungalow. We spent a lot of our time here. Once I was bitten on the face by a piedog and another time I got some glass embedded in my foot. Each time I was driven to the local medical centre in a dustcart!
D diving in Kranji pool.169 views
D jumping in Kranji pool.121 views
Kranji pool179 viewsKranji pool. The building behind was popularly known as "Rose Cottage!" Young female skeletons were discovered under it dating from the Japanese occupation. Our bungalow was down the hill behind this building.
Kranji swimming pool, Rose Cottage in background.162 views
Mum, d and i , Kranji pool.171 views
Kranji pool 1970/1179 views
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