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Changi Village Amah's Market681 views
Ah Chan163 viewsour Amah, Ah Chan
Ah Yong311 viewsOur amah – Ah Yong (27 Merryn Road – 1965)
Amoy151 viewsAmoy

Our Amah, Amoy, and her daughter Lai Fong (Moi Moi), at Lagos Circle. We would dearly like to hear something regarding Amoy or Lai Fong. Amoy had two other children (both boys).
Our Amah's kampong.167 viewsOur Amah's kampong. I think it was Yew Tee village outside the main Kranji gates. She used to invite us for a meal there and her husband cooked us chinese food.
Barry with Amah - Sembwang Springs156 views
A young Andrew Barber on the skates134 views
A young Andrew Barber on the skates128 viewsA young Andrew Barber on the skates (1959-62) 63 Hua Guan Avenue. The Earp family lived opposite in the big "officers" house. Our Amah was A-ying !
Our Amah169 views
Laura, Steven and Alice, 1962 Serangoon,189 views
Lucy, our Amah with Catherine my sister in 1967245 viewsLucy, our Amah with Catherine my sister in 1967
What would we have done without Wong!168 viewsWhat would we have done without Wong! Mum was a traditional housewife in Scotland, and took well to having an Amah. She had a tremendous shock when we returned in October 1967 when dad was posted back to Rosyth Naval Base. No Amah in Scotland!
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