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East Coast Road205 viewsEast Coast Road. Chung Ching Flats opposite CALTEX Station, East Coast Road
Pasir Panjang Flats195 viewsPasir Panjang Flats. We lived on the LHS 2nd up. Address 339a Pasir Panjang Road1 comments
Flats being demolished 1966148 viewsThe first of the new flats built in Singapore to re-house people from Kampongs being demolished at that time. Photo 1966
Ice cream man at Pasir Panjang Flats149 viewsIce cream man at Pasir Panjang Flats
Ice cream man at Pasir Panjang Flats184 viewsIce cream man at Pasir Panjang Flats. Names, front right to left. Chris Dawson, David Roberts, Sandra Dawson, baby brother Dawson and Brian Green
Where we lived at Pasir Panjang flats in 1959151 views
My 10th birthday189 viewsMy 10th birthday (April 1959) at Pasir Panjang flats – I am on the right but who are the other two girls?
Phil Wadsworth136 viewsPhil Wadsworth at Pasir Panjang Flats, we both had Brownie 127's!
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