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Sandy Flood136 viewsPlaying silly buggers in the dorm (me)
Sandy Flood126 views Judith ?, Kay Maxwell, SANDY FLOOD (ME), Alison Walters
Sandy Flood and Alison Thompson117 viewsI am in the middle and Alison Thompson on left
Sandy Flood142 viewsI am next to Alison here registering for the annual school sports day, ha ha, do you recognise anyone else?
Sandy Flood122 viewsI think this is the day when Phil and I fell out and discussing the situation with mates haha...Barbara on left
102 viewsMyself on Rochester House corridor
Flooding on Bukit Timah Road junction Holland Road 1960101 views
Football flood100 viewsRain stopped play after an hour of monsoon rain taken from our house in Wellington Road, of the dockyard football pitch under water.
Bukit Timah Road would often flood127 viewsBukit Timah Road would often flood, especially when the monsoon rains coincided with the tide coming up from the sea. Enterprising Singaporeans would offer to 'push out' vehicles that became stationary in the floodwater, making sure they pushed your exhaust pipe beneath it, ensuring a handsome tip from grateful motorists!
Wellington Floods120 viewsView across to the Dockyard swimming pool taken at the same time as the football pitch floods showing how the drains couldn’t cope.
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