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Dan Foo130 viewsFrom Left: Donald’s younger brother, Donald, my youngest brother and eldest brother
Halfway House135 viewsA late 60’s or early 70’s photo of the Halfway house front
Mr. Foo behind the Halfway house bar counter141 viewsMr. Foo behind the Halfway house bar counter
A young Mr. Foo behind the bar counter138 viewsA young Mr. Foo behind the bar counter
Halfway House147 viewsMr. Foo with 2 British patron taking over the bar, circa 50’s
Halfway House173 viewsOld photo of Halfway house front entry. Mr Foo was a keen American car collector ( Chevy)1 comments
Halfway House141 viewsInside Halfway House hosting an Australian family ( Mr. Foo at far left, next to Mr. Singh. I am on my father’s right and the girl in the black dress with the back to the camera went on to become Miss Malaysia with her sister on her left)
Wedding of Donald Foo138 viewsDonald’s Wedding (Mr & Mrs Foo are on first row left side and I (Dan Foo)am on back row left)
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