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No 103 MU Radio Repair Flight210 views
The Cliff Frazers Hill433 views
Frazers Hill482 viewsWRAF's Climbing out of the Jungle Frazers Hill 1961.
Terry Buckle and Anne Hills226 viewsTerry Buckle and Anne Hills Botanical Gardens 1965.Terry standing!
Achille Lauro126 viewsThe ship that was diverted from its normal Australia - Italy run to pick up a large contingent of Brit Families returning to the U.K. after exams on 30th July 1968 which left from the Liner Pier in the docks at Singapore. (not the location of this Lauro Line publicity photo)
Achille Lauro 1968170 views
Leaving on the Achille Lauro, July 1968181 views
Achille Party150 viewsA group of school kids who stayed on to take O & A levels in May/June 1968, The only people I can positively I.D. in the photo are far right Steve Edgecombe, third from right Anna Googan, fifth from right (boy side on) Cliff Andrews, plus far left a chap called Fred who was at RAF Changi School. The number of bottles on the table explain the quality of the photo.
Alexandra Juniors 1970249 viewsThanks to Liz Phillips for this photo. Liz is middle row, second from right.
Alexandra Infant School 1968161 viewsSteve Hill said he's the Tree on the far right
Alexandra Infants 1968123 viewsSteve Hill said he's the Tree on the far right
Alexandra Infant School 1968181 viewsJohn believes that the teacher was Miss Leftbridge.

Steve Hill front row 2nd left.
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