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Alex Junior Class 4B1 Teacher is Mr Smith227 views
Alex Junior Class 4B1 Teacher is Mr Smith206 viewsAlex Junior Class 4B1 Teacher is Mr Smith
St. Johns Girl Boarders - Avril Smith348 viewsTaken in the courtyard at St John's just outside the boarders wall and outside the art room and
cookery room.
Back row: Mary Davies, Carol Munt, a young girl called i think Cathy, and Ann Johncock.
Sitting: Vanessa Ward, Tessa de la Haye, Sandy Shaw, Diana Ward, Michelle (Martin?), Me (Avril Smith)
Floor: Lolly (Glenys Mackenzie). Date late 69/early 70.
Feet First278 views Photo submitted on behalf of Brian Robinson of the band Feet First, taken early in 1967 after a gig in Johore Bahru.

Front row, l to r: Mike Smith, Tom (?), Phil Hanks, Mike Bedlow.

Standing back, l to r: Brian Robinson, Pete Coleman, Tat (?)
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The Hellions - Ian Smith108 views
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