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18 Signals bar Dover Rd. June 1967203 viewsSteve, Eddy, Laurie, Jacque Potts & John O'Leary, 18 Signal bar Dover Rd. June 1967
Singapore Schools Reunion - Chandos Pub 15th Nov 2014198 viewsTony Taucher, Hilary 'Youngman' Snellgrove, John O'Leary
Chandos Reunion 16th Feb 2018143 viewsLynn McWilliam, John O'Leary and Ken Wildon
Chandos Reunion 16th Feb 2018181 viewsJohn O'Leary, Terry Bettesworth and Steve Barry
Class 17 at Alexandra Junior School197 viewsClass 17 at Alexandra Junior School probably taken in July 1964. The Teacher was Mr. O'Leary. David Vickers is 1st left middle row. He identifies Heather Teeling, middle row 2nd left and Janet Catterson, middle row 3rd left.
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