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1st Netball Team 1969205 views1st Netball Team 1969

the only girl I remember is Jennifer Ridge (3rd from left, back row), eldest daughter of John Ridge, the art teacher.

Helen Walkerdene has identified herself on the back row far right. She said "Far left back row I believe is Mary Bowes, Beverley ???, then Jennifer Ridge and then me. Front row holding the ball possibly Lynne Gentry??"
2nd Netball Team 1966168 views2nd Netball Team 1966

Front row is Susan Haywayd, Diane and Wendy Haugh.
2nd Netball Team 1969191 views2nd Netball Team 1969

How sad! All the faces are so familiar but I can't remember any of the names.

Lesley Saunders has identified herself as being at the back, left side.
Dockyard Netball Team403 viewsBack Row middle - Karen Bowen. Back Row Right - Jane Southby.2 comments
Dockland Netball Team - March 1970.361 views
Dockland Netball Team - March 1970.361 views1 comments
Laura's Vikings RM & RN Netball Team, 1968199 views
Dakotas netball team149 viewsThe Dakotas netball team in action at Far East Mansions. Mum is in the orange top, bandaged knee.
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