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Gillman Youth Club139 viewsMy brother Roy & far right is Frank Eaves at Gillman Youth Club
Roy Thompson187 viewsRoy Thompson full of coke, 1968
Roy Thompson, Laurie Bane, Gordon Thompson, & Keith171 viewsRoy Thompson, Laurie Bane, Gordon Thompson, & Keith, Singapore 1967
St. Johns -May 1968155 viewsSt. Johns -May 1968

Group on the right is Roger Catchpool (Splodge), Bert Stratford - leaning, Roy Thompson being held with Frank Ives on the end.

Roger Catchpool died in 1999 from Legionnaires Disease. He is remembered with fondness by friends and family.
173 viewsThe two Dudes in the suits are Roy and Gordon Thompson leaving Singers on the 11th May 1968.
Bourne School - 1966192 viewsBourne School - 1966

Back Row - Splodge, Graham Wakeling, Dougie Dymond, Roy Dyball, Steven Vivien, Paul Starbuck, Ian Williams. Front Row - Kama Thapa, Gordon Thompson, Alan Sharp.
RNS Class 3A 1965/66 Teacher - Mr Nutter159 viewsI am front row third from the right, and was at the Royal Naval School in Singapore from 1964 to 1967.
RNS Class 4A 1966/67 Teacher - Mrs Ransome177 viewsI am middle row 4th from the left.
Sparky, George and Roy67 viewsThis photo is from Roy Thompson. Sparky George Roy, River Valley Road 1967. If anybody knows these guys, Roy would love to know.
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