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1969 Royal Naval School527 views1969 Royal Naval School - First Year- Alastair 3rd from right, back row
June 1971 My brother and my joint 6th and 3rd birthday.110 viewsJune 1971 My brother and my joint 6th and 3rd birthday. My brother went on the bus to the Royal Naval School.
RNS Class 3A 1965/66 Teacher - Mr Nutter125 viewsI am front row third from the right, and was at the Royal Naval School in Singapore from 1964 to 1967.
RNS Class 4A 1966/67 Teacher - Mrs Ransome144 viewsI am middle row 4th from the left.
Royal Naval School Winners172 viewsRoyal Naval School Winners
Royal Naval School Sports Day Relay Winners153 viewsRoyal Naval School Sports Day Relay Winners
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