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Wendy Gummer632 viewsThanks to Julie Mitchell for this photo of her friend Wendy Gummer outside Bourne School in 1968, with the Changi Bus Co. buses lined up in the background waiting to ferry pupils.
Carol Thompson on school bus Jalan Kemuning - Oct 64105 views
The school bus193 viewsThe school bus, which was B4, had a small accident just after picking my twin brother and I up outside our house. My mother, in the orange dress is going to see what has happened.
School Buses248 viewsTwo of the 3 RAF white buses that Jeff Pittman says served Bourne as school buses in the '60s. Numbered TB1, TB2 and TB3 they where for RAF children, and the designated routes were for Tengah based families.
School Buses236 views
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