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St. Andrews Cathedral 2011132 views
St Andrews Cathedral, Singapore 2004119 views
Achille Party137 viewsA group of school kids who stayed on to take O & A levels in May/June 1968, The only people I can positively I.D. in the photo are far right Steve Edgecombe, third from right Anna Googan, fifth from right (boy side on) Cliff Andrews, plus far left a chap called Fred who was at RAF Changi School. The number of bottles on the table explain the quality of the photo.
City Hall -Supreme Court and St Andrews98 views
St Andrews Cathedral106 viewsSt Andrews Cathedral
Achille Lauro 1968121 viewsAchille Lauro, August 1968. Winning fancy dress group. We were red indians from the blackfoot tribe. Left to Right. Steve Edgecumbe, unknown, me, Fred, Cliff Andrews.
St Andrews Church RN Naval Base Singapore138 viewsSt. Andrew’s Church shows the cover of what was the order of service for 18 December 1966. It was in this church that a childhood myth was shattered when my sister told me that Santa didn’t exist!
St Andrews Church RN Naval Base Singapore141 viewsSt Andrews Church RN Naval Base Singapore
St Andrews Church Youth Club152 viewsSt Andrews Church Youth Club On HMS Eagle
Front row, second left is Jock Laidlaw, and back row first left is Bryan Allan.
St Andrews Church, Naval Base – In monsoon!149 views
St. Andrew’s Youth Club144 viewsSt. Andrew’s Youth Club has me and my sister seated front left with the Minister at the back and leader Ian on the left
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