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Most viewed - Tengah Primary School
Tengah Primary School 1968349 viewsMany thanks to Mark Kieft for this school photo. Mark is 2nd left on the back row.1 comments
Tengah Primary School 1970296 viewsMany thanks to Karen Jessop for this photo. She said "My RAF Tengah school photo that I THINK is 1970 (some of the boys are in your 1970 Cricket Team photo so this may help confirm the year?). I have a few names in my head but not sure if I am correct ā€“ Penny Strong, Fiona, Laura (who had a sister called Morag), Lesley ........ sorry no boys names!

Iā€™m sitting 2nd row middle girl ā€“ KAREN JESSOP I have a brother Michael Jessop and a sister Julie Jessop. Parents - Warrant Officer Charles Keith Jessop and mother Cynthia Jessop.

We spent 4 years in Singapore returning to the UK, RAF Wittering in 1971."
Tengah Primary School 1968253 viewsMany thanks to Mark Kieft for this school photo. Paul Kieft is 3rd from left in the back row
Tengah Primary School Cricket Team - 1970247 viewsMark Wallace (Captain) seated front row, second from right.

Bernie Crossey has identified himself as the Wicketkeeper and says that the teacher was Ed Sweeney.

If you recognise yourself or others in the photo, let us know.
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