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Most viewed - RAF Changi
Far East Communications Squadron - Circa 1955323 viewsMy thanks to Peter Hayler who is standing behind the back row. A Cpl Engine fitter at that time from 1954-1957. The far East Coms Sqn had a fleet of Valletta aircraft used for transporting people about the far East also a variety of aircraft for the pilots in desk jobs to keep their hand in at flying. The sqn was situated just off the Changi Road and a hundred yards or so before the village. We walked along Wittering Road to and from the mess and our barrack block which was next to the Malcolm Club. The other side of the Malcolm club was the Wraf Block.
Changi Creek Hotel311 viewsScanned from 'farewell to Changi' article in the last Changi Informer.
Airmen Swimming Pool304 viewsPhoto taken by Mike James.
The Manstonettes301 viewsMartin Woodward sent this photo which was taken in 1959 at the RAF base in Changi in the scout hut which was on the perimeter of Changi airfield.

My father was stationed there from 1956/57/58/59, I was 13yrs old and lived in Manston road with my Mother Isobel.

While I was there, some friends who lived in the same road and I formed a group called the Manstonettes.

This photo shows me on the double base, next to me not known, and the three others were David and Colin Stocker with their younger brother Peter.

Does anyone remember the Manstonettes and the unknown guitarist?
284 viewsMargaret Hood has submitted this photo of a darts presentation at Changi. She said "I think the year is 65/66 but not sure for certain. My Dad is the one standing on the far left, his name was Eddie Pierce. After leaving Changi he was posted to Leuchars in Fife.
View of the Officer's Club, where most afternoons were spent284 viewsMy thanks to Diana Douglas for this photo.
Singapore (Changi) Scout Group282 viewsAndrew Barnes has sent this photo, taken 1965-66. Again if you recognise yourself, then please get in touch.

Irene Lane has contacted the site to say that she is the Cub Scout Leader on the right. She was in her teens then and known as 'Raksha' mother wolf. Also in the photo is her younger brother Derek Lane who is third from right.

Ellen Harding wrote in the Guest Book that "The Scout Master is my Dad John William Harding and the Scout top right is my brother Colin."

Simon McMahon has said that
"I am standing at the back, directly behind the female scout leader on the left. Michael Stamford to the left of me. Simon Smith far left. Malcolm Stamford third from left. Robert Wood far right"
RAF Changi279 viewsScanned from 'farewell to Changi' article in the last Changi Informer.
RAF Changi269 viewsScanned from 'farewell to Changi' article in the last Changi Informer.
Don, Lee and Cyril268 viewsMy thanks to Anthony Rickard for this photo.
RAF Changi 1966266 views
264 viewsMy thanks to Anthony Rickard for this photo.

RAF Changi Officers’ Club – I believe NYE 1959

Flt/lt C D “Tex” Rickard, Mrs Leonie Rickard, Flt/lt C D “Don” Thieme

The Three Must Get Beers – first prize was a case of champagne; which was duly stolen from the unlocked boot of the Rickards’ Jowett Javelin when they all stopped at Bedok Corner for a late snack on the way home… note modified flying boots!
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