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Most viewed - Tom O'Brien
1st Btn The Royal Highland Fusiliers662 views1st Btn The Royal Highland Fusiliers at Nee Soon Ranges 1972.
My thanks to Robert Bryan for this photo.
Eve Stratford and Bob Simons486 viewsEve Stratford and Bob Simons
Taken in 1970.
Tragically Eve was murdered on the 18th March 1975, and is dearly missed by all who knew her.

The inquiry into the murder of Eve was reopened following new DNA evidence.
Alexandra Junior School457 viewsAlexandra Junior School. David O'Brien in middle row 2nd from left.
Linda James and Carol?414 viewsLinda James and Carol? Carol's surname could be White. Anybody know if that's true?
Mr Tengah 1972404 views
Alexandra Infant School390 views
Alexandra Junior School, Catherine O'Briens classs365 viewsAlexandra Junior School, Catherine O'Briens class. Catherine seated 3rd from left front row.
Alexandra Infant School357 views
70 Hua Guan Avenue353 views70 Hua Guan Avenue.

This is the bungalow were we lived before moving to the Sussex Estate.
Bert Stratford346 viewsBert Stratford

Born 5th October 1952, died the morning of 17th September 2003 age 50 in the Intensive Care Unit of Frimley Park Hospital, Surry.

He is finally at rest with his Mother and sister Eve and will be remembered, in our hearts, with much fondness and affection.
Photo taken in the 70's
No 2 Civilian Mess - Mata Road. HMNB.343 viewsMy thanks to Bernard Mennell for this photo. Bernard said in his email "I notice that your fascinating site has no reference to the Civilian Messes in the Naval Base where single/unaccompanied staff lived. I had a wonderful time living briefly in No 2 Mess in Mata Road from Dec 1970 to March 1971 - the photograph shows the main living quarters with part of one of the Accommodation Blocks. Half a mile away next to Beaulieu House was No 1 Mess, that accommodated more senior staff and was reputedly less fun! Both closed in October 1971. The area is now Sembawang Park but there is no trace of either Mess. I don't know how many such civilian Messes there once were, but the official 1968 plan of HM Naval Base identifies a No 6 Mess in Jamaica Road."
Alexandra Infant School, Catherine O'Briens class340 viewsAlexandra Infant School, Catherine O'Briens class
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