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Alexandra Junior School 1967312 viewsAlexandra Junior School 1967

Mr Bergins Class
Paul Hibberson has informed us that he is on the back row, 3rd right.
My friend Lindsay on the left and myself288 viewsMy friend Lindsay on the left and myself aged 10.

I think this was taken in the Botanical gardens.
Tanglin Swimming Pool280 views
Tanglin Swimming Pool279 views
Tanglin Sgts & WO's Mess 1967274 viewsOur Mums and Dads at a "Shipwrecked party" held at Tanglin Sgts & WO's Mess 1967 My friends Mum and Dad Mr and Mrs Carden-Horton first on the left, My parents - Mabs Fisher and Eric Fisher, Mr and Mrs Wittern, I am afraid that the faces are familiar (all neighbours from Demsey Road) but the names escape me
Brownies 1968249 viewsBrownies 1968 - The girls at the back of the toadstool were about to "fly" up to guides. I am 2nd on the left
Pasir Ris Hotel243 viewsPasir Ris
The tree that my Mum is sitting on is one we used to jump off into the sea.
Brownie revels 1967239 viewsBrownie revels 1967
Alexandra Junior School 1967235 views
River Valley Road between Kim Yam Road and Institution Hill 1967231 viewsRiver Valley Road between Kim Yam Road and Institution Hill 1967
Living so close to the Botanical gardens230 viewsLiving so close to the Botanical gardens
(just across the road from our quarters)
meant we often had visits from
hungry monkeys who used to noisily
bang the bin lids to get our attention.
These photos were taken round the
back of our quarter in Dempsey Road.
Reception area for Pasir Ris Hotel230 viewsReception area for Pasir Ris Hotel
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