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Most viewed - John Blyth
Party May 66157 viewsParty May 66

Left to right - ?, Bob Blyth, Doris, Linda, Jim Henry, Sheila Henry,?,? Agnes Blyth
St Andrews Church RN Naval Base Singapore156 viewsSt Andrews Church RN Naval Base Singapore
Dockyard Club 31Dec64155 viewsSingapore Dockyard Club 31Dec64

Left to right – Harry Slora, Ron, Flo Slora, Gaynor, Bob (Robert) Blyth, Nancy (Agnes) Blyth, Alf Merryweather and Isobel Merryweather
Spring Dale Fishing Pond154 viewsSpring Dale Fishing Pond shows Dad, Elaine and Me. I remember great big red ants that nipped used to walk along the railings
Playing in the Naval Base153 viewsPlaying in the Naval Base. I think a friend called Gordon Birnie had a birthday party that day
RN Infants School Sports Day149 viewsRN Infants School Sports Day

My sister (Elaine Blyth) is second from the right (i.e. last!) in this shot at the RN School (Infants) inside the Naval Base
Robinson Store149 viewsRobinson Store Singapore

Robinsons was a well known store in Singapore city amongst Dockyard residents but I believe it burnt down in a fire
CC Dept Dance is dated December 1966148 viewsCC Dept Dance is dated December 1966 and my mum (Nancy) and dad are front right with Jessie and Jimmy Birnie front left
Dockyard Swimming Pool145 viewsDockyard Swimming Pool shows me and my sister
Party At 68 Falkland Road Singapore Sept 67142 viewsParty At 68 Falkland Road Singapore Sept 67

Left to right – Flo Slora, Agnes Blyth, Sheila Henry, ?, George Scoble, ?
Butcher Delivering Singapore Dockyard Mid 60's139 viewsButcher Delivering Singapore Dockyard Mid 60's. Mum loved all the deliveries that made life so much easier
Dad worked on the Tug Nimble139 viewsDad worked on the Tug Nimble as an Engineer. Myself (John) and my sister Elaine Blyth are seen on the Nimble.
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