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Ice cream tricycle154 viewsPush bike ice cream salesman in Tank Road on the day of the Thaipusam procession.
Tiger & mickey154 viewsOur tomcat Tiger & Anna Googan’s female cat Mickey enjoying the sun, possibly after creating the kittens that Mickey had.
Oronsay152 viewsA familiar site to many of us waving farewell to friends & loved ones at the quayside in Singapore Docks ("Godown 44" rings a bell as the jetty for liners, anybody remember?) This is the Oronsay in March/April 1967, which was en-route from New Zealand to the U.K. I cannot remember why there was a film crew on the dockside.
Oronsay152 viewsThe best shot of the Oronsay I could get in the days before wide angle lenses.
Achille Lauro 1968151 viewsThe Carnaby Street night party on board the Achille, August 1968
Dockyard Club150 viewsThis was captioned " View from Dockyard Club" and would appear to be the view looking south.
Changi Padang145 viewsShot taken from back of Changi beach looking across the Padang.
Falkland Road145 viewsThis photo was not labelled, but we think it may be Falkland Road in the Naval Base, but if anyone can identify it, let me know.
Football flood141 viewsRain stopped play after an hour of monsoon rain taken from our house in Wellington Road, of the dockyard football pitch under water.
Farewell Card139 viewsThe Invitation card for the combined Farewell Party for a whole group of Dockyardies including the parents of me, Julie Sugrue, and Anna Googan.
Gemas139 viewsThis photo relates to an article from the Summit Magazine which appears on St. Johns 3 webpage. I was one of the party on that trip.
Jalan Kemuning139 viewsView from our bungalow in Jalan Kemuning looking across to what I think was the Pover’s bungalow (Leslie Pover their daughter sculpted the new Nelson Trafalgar 200 statue in Portsmouth)
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