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Dancing on the table by the Kranji pool.201 views
This is the "rest house" where we stayed in Malacca. 1971190 views
Watching the gully gully man176 viewsWatching the gully gully man, Singapore.
Our bungalow, No 1 Bungalow173 viewsOur bungalow, No 1 Bungalow. This photo was taken from the old Central Receiving Hall. You can see the pineapple patch and the Papaya trees. Behind is no. 2 Bungalow and further down the road behind the photographer was a house lived in by the dentist, Mr Popperwell and then the football field and police barracks.
My brother and I looking over Singapore 1971169 viewsThis was taken on top of Mt Faber. In the background is Empire Dock at Keppel Road. The Tanjong Pagar Railway Station is on the left of Empire Dock.
Kranji pool167 viewsKranji pool. The building behind was popularly known as "Rose Cottage!" Young female skeletons were discovered under it dating from the Japanese occupation. Our bungalow was down the hill behind this building.
At Sue's Kampong at Yew Tee.166 views
166 viewsAt Sue's kampong, Yew Tee village with our neighbour's children, the Bowens.
My family at the Muniandi festival.163 views
Muniandi festival 1970 on the Kranji base.162 views
Kranji pool 1970/1160 views
Our Amah's kampong.159 viewsOur Amah's kampong. I think it was Yew Tee village outside the main Kranji gates. She used to invite us for a meal there and her husband cooked us chinese food.
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