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With Sue, our Amah in our garden167 viewsWith Sue, our Amah in our garden, showing the jungle behind.
An aerial shot of RNWS Kranji - This is taken from a northerly direction looking south.165 viewsThis is taken from a northerly direction looking south. It shows the old aerial field which my father believes was built originally as an oil container field before the war. In 1941 the oil containers were all set on fire during the Japanese invasion. The aerials are radio aerials that served WRNS Kranji. The straight road visible left was "Woodlands Road" which ran along the railway line. In between is the monsoon drain.2/3rds up the road is the entrance to the level crossing where there was the hut which was lived in by the keeper. The village to the left of the railway line was Yew Tee village, where my amah lived in a kampong.

The bungalow visible bottom left was lived in (1970-2) by Cdr Baller. The roof visible next to it is of bungalow 7 where we lived for the first 2 months of our time in Singapore before moving up the hill to the base which can be seen top right of the picture. the tall microwave aerial is visible in front of the white cliffs of the quarry on the horizon.

My father remembers the wealthy labour contractor Koonho who had the grass cutting contract for all the naval bases. This huge aerial field had approximately 100-200 men working in lines with long-handled scythes trying to keep the vegetation down.
Aerial view of RNWS Kranji circa 1971164 viewsAerial view of RNWS Kranji circa 1971. The large building closest to the shot was the PMO's "bungalow". Beyond it are the tennis courts and the swimming pool which you can just see surrounded by seats and umbrellas. The large aerial is the microwave aerial. In front of it is a barracks. A similar one off shot was converted to an Australian social club and called "the Geoff Childs Club!" after my Dad!
Wendy House at Terror Pool, Singapore.163 viewsWendy House at Terror Pool, Singapore.
June 1971 My brother and my joint 6th and 3rd birthday.161 viewsJune 1971 My brother and my joint 6th and 3rd birthday. My brother went on the bus to the Royal Naval School.
My family Christmas Day 1970 at a hotel in Singapore.160 views
Tractor Train, Jurong Bird Park.160 views
Muniandi banquet159 viewsthe Muniandi banquet of hot, hot curry served on banana leaves.
With mum in the Malayan hills.157 viewsWith mum in the Malayan hills.
My brother and my joint 5th and 2nd birthday June 1970.156 views
An aerial shot of RNWS Kranji from the south east (approx)156 viewsAn aerial shot of RNWS Kranji from the south east (approx) showing the full expanse of the hill top station. The two storey building to the centre left of the photo was the Signal Training Centre (STC) which in my Dad's time was run by Sub Lt. Singleton who trained any signalmen who came up from the fleet. The station was a communications training base for many passing servicemen.

The two buildings to the south of the rectangle road were 2 remaining barracks (the foundations of former barracks can be seen around the rectangle. Opposite those barracks are 2 bungalows lived in by CPOs Warmsley and Maddox.

In the trapezium shaped road to the right is a long white bungalow which was the police quarters and the green area within the trapezium shaped road is where they held the Muniandi festival.

The straight road leading north from that area goes past the cinema on the left and several storage buildings including the diesel storage unit. The road then bends round to the left past the Popperwell's house on the right. It then passes behind the main buildings of the station. You can just see the east facing wall of our bungalow before the road disappears behind the microwave tower. From that road you could look out over the aerial field to the northeast. I believe this is now where the Singapore army Signal School is. I think Kranji Expressway now runs beneath this point in the valley between the former aerial field and the hill rising to the station.
Kranji pool 1970/1156 views
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