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Agsccj741 views
Hatfield Reunion 2002741 views
1969-03-29 St Johns - Oliver738 views
Boys night out at the Chalet Club734 views
1969 HMS Terror Singapore732 views1969 HMS Terror Singapore- Sports Day- Recipient of Trophy Unknown
Impromptu Fife Reunion 12-01-2018727 viewsImpromptu Fife reunion in the Seven Kings, Dunfermline on January 12th 2019. From left to right, Colin Ritchie Anderson, Tony Taucher, Lynne Copping, Kim Mason, Jonathan Frost and Deborah Allen. Not in the photo as we met up with him later was Peter Coleman. It was lovely to meet up.
Changi Village Amah's Market723 views
Alexandra Junior School 1969722 viewsMy thanks to Mike Wardle for this school photograph from 1969 - Alexandra Junior School (Mr Bergen's class), perhaps others will be able to identify themselves. You can leave a comment or contact Admin.

Mike Wardle was in Singapore 1968-1970, his father was in the RAMC at Gillman Hospital.
1969 Royal Naval School716 views1969 Royal Naval School - First Year- Alastair 3rd from right, back row
Changi Creek713 views
Padang RAF Changi712 viewsPadang RAF Changi with Chalet Club in the background
Angela Postles711 viewsAngela Postles – Singapore Swimming Club 1966. She was my steady girlfriend for 7 years. We travelled back from Singapore together on the S. S. Oronsay in 1967, continued to see each other in UK, and eventually married in 1973.
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